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Terri Axani

If you live by the saying, “don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion,” then you’re in good company with our doubly nominated #Amplifriday remarkable person of impact, Terri Axani. Both Bryce Herman and Trish Morelli took the time to nominate Terri!

Bryce writes: “Whether “driving you to drink” on one of her amazing wine, beer, distillery or uniquely customized tours, Terri is a true host of hospitality. She is also a true community supporter. Giving back is in her DNA advocating for several community projects and events throughout the Kamloops region, while currently serving as the Kamloops Daybreak Rotary President. Terri truly does amplify Kamloops.”

Fellow community advocate Trish noted: “This city is a better place with Terri in it. A consummate ambassador of tourism, hospitality, and community support, Terri gives 110% to promoting and advocating for all things good in Kamloops. Her enthusiasm, passion, and most importantly professionalism, shines through in the “Divine Tours” that she treats her guests to along the Kamloops Wine Trail and other craft producers. Flexible and always willing to help, Terri is a real gem and an asset to this community.”

Terri is a proud Metis woman, and when you meet her, you’ll be blown away by her genuine kindness and attention to detail to make every day special. She started Divine Tours – an award winning wine & craft beer tour operating in the Thompson Okanagan. She not only runs her own business but gives back tirelessly through her volunteer efforts!

Terri – you are a remarkable person of impact! As is our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.’s commitment, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice to further amplify both your remarkable impact and the charity’s.

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We were elated to amplify the remarkable impact of Terri Axani last week. As a part of AmpliFriday, we donate $100 to a charity of choice for our amplified individual, and Terri has chosen the BC SPCA of Kamloops.

Terri explains why she chose the BC SPCA in Kamloops.

"Besides their core services, they provide pet food and products to the Kamloops Food Bank and many others outside the shelter."

The mission of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. Each year they help more than 118,679 animals through their 36 animal centres, two animal hospitals, two spay/neuter clinics, and their Wild Arc wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Congratulations again, Terri, on being amplified; we are proud to support the BC SPCA of Kamloops by making a $100 donation in your honour.


Amplify Consulting Inc. is a company that helps leaders, and their organizations amplify their impact through communications and stakeholder engagement. #Amplifriday is our passion project we started in 2018 to amplify remarkable people of impact to inspire you, honour them, and support local charities. You can join the #Amplifriday movement as a supporter. Reach out for details.


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