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  • Aleece Laird

2023 Amplifriday Wrap Up

It’s the 2023 Amplifriday wrap up!

Like last year, as we put together the above graphic with all of the photos of the remarkable people of impact we’ve amplified in 2023, here’s our key takeaways:


  1. Remarkable people who make an impact are diverse and come from all different backgrounds.

  2. No matter what your role in life – nurse, artist, business person, etc. – we can all make a positive impact in the lives of others and in our communities.

  3. Often, we can have impact by doing small things consistently. That's what shifts culture and makes change.


Looking back, we did 38 AmpliFriday features in 2023. Some of these people, have endured challenging times and have shown incredible resiliency to press on. Others have pursued their passions, and in doing so, have made life better for their fellow humans. Others lead non-profit organizations, impacting entire communities through their leadership, heart, and endurance. We featured small business owners and entrepreneurs who not only employ local people but give back through their businesses. Many of these people have suffered heartache and unthinkable tragedy, while others have found new doors of opportunity and success open for them this past year. It shows that life is unpredictable with its ups and downs, but through it all, the consistency of good hearted people, like those we’ve amplified, make our world better.

 The consistency of good hearted people, like those we've amplified, make our world better!

On top of that, our commitment to donate $100 for each featured person saw us donate $3,800 this year to many charities of our amplified people’s choice to further amplify the impact of these non-profits. Kidsport Kamloops, Day One Society, Kamloops Hospice, Royal Inland Hospital Foundation, Four Paws Food Bank, the Alzheimer’s Society of BC, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, to name a few. Part of the joy of AmpliFriday is to turn the spotlight on the many non-profit organizations in our communities who do incredible work 365 days a year.


2024 is no different. There are endless remarkable people to amplify plus the need to support non-profit organizations. Thank you to those who have reached out to provide us with encouragement to keep doing this. We’ve received thank you cards, matching donations to charities, and the most beautiful notes from people who were amplified, sharing that being featured has been a reminder that even during a challenging time, they are making an impact, and that has encouraged them to keep going.


If you’re interested in supporting AmpliFriday, message me at Onward to 2024!


Here's to our 2023 Amplified people:

  1. Nadine Torchia

  2. JP Baker

  3. Nyasha Manyanye

  4. Olivia Norma

  5. Mike Miltimore

  6. Bradley Young

  7. Terri Axani

  8. Trisha Sellmer

  9. Rob Nordin

  10. Greg "Spike" Wallace

  11. Hugh McLennan

  12. Curt Atkinson

  13. Brice Fraser

  14. Brenda Jank

  15. Mandy Curtis

  16. Heather Cameron

  17. Anela Baig

  18. Francyne Joe

  19. Rose Choy

  20. Doug Haughton

  21. Penny Heaslip

  22. Vessy Mochikas

  23. Ryan Deneault

  24. Tara Ettinger

  25. Bill O'Donovan

  26. Virginia Martin

  27. Cjay Bosclair

  28. Ryan Fisher

  29. Stacey Jyrkkanen

  30. Sharon Marshall

  31. Liam Hall

  32. Patti Phillips

  33. Sheila Minten

  34. Nikki Lussier

  35. Michelle Raglin

  36. Jennifer Harbaruk

  37. Haley Baker

  38. Greg Kilba


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