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  • Aleece Laird

Hugh McLennan

Exceptional people are all around us, but today’s individual in the #Amplifriday spotlight is truly a one-of-a-kind gentleman cowboy. He’s not only done so much to keep the cowboy and ranching culture alive and in the mainstream, but he is an award-winning broadcaster as you’ll learn in today’s nomination from Larry Read of the incomparable Hugh McLennan!

Larry writes: “Hugh McLennan is a perfect example of what we thought cowboys were when we watched movies as children. High morale fibre, a true gentleman, and quick to defend and protect his loved ones and community. A role model as a broadcaster and as one of the founders of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, Hugh has always been a tireless community volunteer. A recent kidney transplant recipient, Hugh continues to be involved in the local kidney community providing support for those afflicted with the disease and providing insight on life after transplants. Hugh is truly a pillar of our community.”

Well said Larry! I too have had the opportunity to meet Hugh many times over the years and listen to him on his Spirit of the West radio show, a program syndicated on radio stations throughout Western Canada and through many parts of the United States. Hugh is a class act, sharing the stories of many women and men of the ranching and farming community, and has been honoured time and time again for the work he does to preserve cowboy heritage in Canada. He’s generous, compassionate, and just as much at home behind a microphone as he is atop his trusty mare Lucky!

Hugh – you are a remarkable person of impact! As is our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.’s commitment, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice to further amplify both your remarkable impact and the charity’s.

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We were enthusiastic about amplifying the remarkable impact of Hugh McLennan last week. As a part of AmpliFriday, we donate $100 to a charity of choice for our amplified individual, and Hugh has chosen the Kamloops Kidney Walk.

For Hugh, it is personal.

"I chose the Kamloops Kidney Walk because I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2015 and spent two and a half years on dialysis. In 2017 Louis McIvor, a fellow broadcaster, donated one of his kidneys to me, and that's quite a story too. I plan to participate in this year's Kidney Walk in June; it's the first time we've been able to do it in person since covid."

The Kidney Walk's mission is to provide hope and support to those with kidney disease. Their fundraising contributes to distributing educational materials such as webinars, handbooks, brochures, and dietary web tools, kidney disease and transplantation research, summer camp subsidies, and short-term financial assistance.

Congratulations again, Hugh, on being amplified; we are proud to support the Kamloops Kidney Walk by making a $100 donation in your honour.


Amplify Consulting Inc. is a company that helps leaders, and their organizations amplify their impact through communications and stakeholder engagement. #Amplifriday is our passion project we started in 2018 to amplify remarkable people of impact to inspire you, honour them, and support local charities. You can join the #Amplifriday movement as a supporter. Reach out for details.


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