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  • Aleece Laird

Kelly Charron

As we commemorate the first #Amplifriday of June and another school year starts to wind down, we want to thank and honour all the teachers, education assistants, support staff, vice principals, and principals – whether a campus school or online school – for pouring into kids. The opportunity to learn is something I think many of us take for granted. There are kids within our schools who face many challenges just getting to school, and once there, trying to remain focused.


This is where school leaders like Principal Kelly Charron shine.


Kelly has always been an accomplished individual who looks out for others. A mom to twin girls, a community ambassador, an avid volunteer, and an advocate for others. She’s grace and tenacity. She pours her heart and energy into ensuring kids within her school have every chance at success. Whether that’s through the Starfish Backpack program which provides easy-to-prepare food to kids to ensure they have enough to eat over the weekend, to working with community volunteers to come to the school and read to kids. Kelly sees the potential in each of the kids in her school to go on to make remarkable change in the world, and is helping make that happen.


Kelly – you are a remarkable person of impact. As is our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.’s commitment, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice to further amplify both your remarkable impact and the charity’s.

Nominate someone remarkable. Link below.


Last week, we had the privilege of amplifying Kelly Charron's incredible impact. As part of AmpliFriday, we donate $100 to a charity of choice for our amplified individuals, and Kelly selected the Kamloops Hospice Association.

The Kamloops Hospice provides a tremendous service to families as they face the hardest parts of loss, and this donation will help them continue this service.

"They have been a source of great kindness and support to my family and many other families in need. Their generosity of spirit and space gave us beautiful memories as we said goodbye to my dear sister, Colleen Gropp, and allowed us to grieve and celebrate the amazing human she was," shares Kelly.


The Kamloops Hospice's mission is to enhance the quality of life of persons and their families facing death and bereavement through skilled, compassionate, spiritual, emotional, and physical care, embracing the individual's choice. They also offer programs such as the Caregiver Support Group, Virtual Caregiver Workshop Series, Advance Care Planning, Palliative Information Sessions and Counselling services to in-house patients, families, and anyone in the community facing a palliative diagnosis. Counselling is provided in a safe and confidential environment, and support is free for patients and loved ones at Kamloops Hospice.


Congratulations again, Kelly, on being amplified; we are happy to make a $100 donation to the Kamloops Hospice Association in your honour.


Nominate someone remarkable. Link below.

Amplify Consulting Inc. is a company that helps leaders, and their organizations amplify their impact through communications and stakeholder engagement. #Amplifriday is our passion project we started in 2018 to amplify remarkable people of impact to inspire you, honour them, and support local charities. You can join the #Amplifriday movement as a supporter. Reach out for details.


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