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Mandy Curtis

Things, you could say, are going swimmingly this #Amplifriday. We love nominations, when someone takes the time out of their lives to share why they think a remarkable person of impact needs to be amplified, which is why you’re reading about the sparkling Mandy Curtis, as nominated by Jennifer Harbaruk.

Jennifer writes: “Mandy has been generously giving of her time with the Kamloops Sunrays Artistic Swimming Club for 10 years, starting out as a parent volunteer as her daughter Nadia entered the sport, to now acting as club President, a role she has held for many years. Her desire to foster and promote artistic swimming in our community has magnified the training and competitive opportunities for both coaches and athletes in recreational and competitive levels. So much so, that her passion caught the eye of BC Artistic Swimming where she now serves on several committees and is President of the Board. In her role of Marketing Director at Kelson Group, she encourages colleagues to give back to their communities, participating in annual food drives, the United Way's Days of Caring campaign and many more volunteer initiatives. All of this in addition to balancing family, work and even volunteering for events her neighbour ropes her into!”

We agree! Mandy is a remarkable person of impact and inspires others, creating a ripple effect of good. Her passion and consistent commitment are hallmarks of who she is as a person, and as Jennifer adds, “bottom line, Mandy is thoughtful, willing, and wants to make our city better!”

Mandy – you are a remarkable person of impact! As is our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.’s commitment, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice to further amplify both your remarkable impact and the charity’s.


We were delighted to amplify the remarkable impact of Mandy Curtis last week. As a part of AmpliFriday, we donate $100 to a charity of choice for our amplified individual, and Mandy has chosen athletics4kids (A4K).

A4K’s mission is to ensure all BC kids can participate in organized sports by supporting families in need with financial assistance. If a child in BC dreams of playing amateur sports, A4K’s goal is to give them the opportunity to play.

Mandy has personally experienced the benefits of sports with her daughter.

“Sport promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, teaches time management, teamwork, life skills and resilience and lends itself to enhancing academics too. Artistic swimming athletes must travel across the province for meets, which can be expensive. Over the years, A4K has supported some of our families with financial grants."

Congratulations again, Mandy, on being amplified; we are proud to support athletics4kids by making a $100 donation in your honour.

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Amplify Consulting Inc. is a company that helps leaders, and their organizations amplify their impact through communications and stakeholder engagement. #Amplifriday is our passion project we started in 2018 to amplify remarkable people of impact to inspire you, honour them, and support local charities. You can join the #Amplifriday movement as a supporter. Reach out for details.

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