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  • Aleece Laird

Richard Marken

Who doesn’t love to learn from an entrepreneur who has a remarkable track record of excellence? From working in Whitehorse to Winnipeg, Las Vegas to Lillooet, the individual in our #Amplifriday spotlight today has made a positive impact not only in the hospitality industry, but in creating the spaces and places where community comes together, and that’s Richard Marken.


You may think you know Richard, but there are some delightful and lesser-known tidbits about this top tier entrepreneur. If you work in hospitality, chances are Richard has been a part of a project with his company M4 Hospitality which owns M4 Hospitality, M4 Commercial Furniture, Bright Eye Brewing, Cutwater Brewing, and the Yew Street Food Hall.

What you might not know about Richard is that he has worked in the industry for over 30 years, has set up over 100 hospitality companies in three continents, is an accomplished public speaker, and a published author.


As much as his many business pursuits keeps him moving, he is also a tireless advocate for his community giving back as a Director on the North Shore Business Improvement Association, as Treasurer of the Kamloops Art Gallery, as Chair of Food & Beverage for the BC Winter Games in 2018, and as a volunteer lecturer speaking about commercial design to Thompson Rivers University students. Richard’s love of life and giving back to his community, makes him an all-around all star in the community of Kamloops. He brings excitement into this work and into his volunteer service, thus shines bright in the Amplifriday spotlight!


Richard – you are a remarkable person of impact. As is our team at Amplify Consulting Inc.’s commitment, we will donate $100 to a charity of your choice to further amplify both your remarkable impact and the charity’s.


Nominate someone remarkable. Link below.


Last week, we had the privilege of amplifying Richard Marken's incredible impact. As part of AmpliFriday, we donate $100 to a charity of choice for our amplified individuals. Richard chose the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC), sharing that

the affliction has touched me and the people I love.


Founded in 1973, HSC aspires to a world free from Huntington's disease, a hereditary, neurodegenerative illness with physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. The Society offers day programs, support groups, summer camps, in-service seminars, counselling, and resource materials to maximize the quality of life of people with HD and funds research to slow and prevent it.


Congratulations again, Richard, on being amplified; we are happy to make a $100 donation to the Huntington Society of Canada in your honour.

Amplify Consulting Inc. is a company that helps leaders, and their organizations amplify their impact through communications and stakeholder engagement. #Amplifriday is our passion project we started in 2018 to amplify remarkable people of impact to inspire you, honour them, and support local charities. You can join the #Amplifriday movement as a supporter. Reach out for details.


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